One who feeds upon the weakness of men,

Never to be overlooked by the greatest of them.

So desired also by the lowliest of men,

And her charms playing funny tricks on them.

Her eyes so bright and shinning like stars,

Her lips so full and extremely kissable

Oh her fingers so long causing them scars,

But the feel of her palms so pleasurable.

She is so pretty as the daughter of gods

Even kings and nobles desire to have her

Her smiles imprisoning many as though bound by cords

And her firm breasts bringing out the woman in her

A woman so curvy at all ends, so endearing

Commotion she causes whenever on the streets

Such romantic qualities she claims yet caring

To all who adore her always and everywhere she greets.

Making men loose their senses are desired intent

Drawing all attention to herself she craves

A lone admirer she never can be content

Thus in such seductive postures leading me to their early graves.



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